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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I said yes...

It has been a little while since I posted. So, what’s happened? Well, here it is….




:-D <--- My face all the time now! 

I’ve gotten all the awkward dancing and frantic phone calls to friends & family.  Now, I’m faced with the actual work side of it all. However, before I go into all that, let me tell you a bit about how I got to this point because the last time I posted, I wasn’t “committing” to anything yet. 

I was getting rejections. A lot of them. These were from literary agents, not publishers. I got great feedback like, “Although I think this has potential, I do not think I am the right advocate for your work.”  Followed by the usual, “this is a subjective business, blah, blah, blah…” 

Here’s the thing though, I never knew if I wanted an agent or not. I’ve followed some agents on Twitter and found out which agents I would love, and which ones I would run screaming from. When I realized I was wasting time on winning over an agent I figured…meh…Okay. What does that mean for me? 
It means I might have to hire a lawyer on occasion to negotiate contracts.  It means I don’t have someone being my cheerleader. Both of those things I can deal with.  Will I get the same opportunities agent-less as with one? Probably not.  I accept that.
I ran across a publishing company that was looking for stories about witches, angels, demons, etc. Holy shit! I submitted to them right away because, you know, why not?  

Then it happened…I got an offer.  I thought about it. I researched and double checked and came to the conclusion that I was given a gift. The week of the summer solstice, I signed a contract to publish EARTH MAGICK with Solstice Publishing. I got an editor who is probably busy snipping and chopping my book as you read this.  Then I got to go over cover artwork.  I got welcomed into the folds of the Solstice Publishing family. *le sigh*

This wasn’t exactly what I thought would happen but…It’s what was right for me and for EARTH’S MAGICK. I get the warm fuzzys when I receive emails from them and I thank the Gods/Goddess I didn’t keep plugging away at chasing an agent because I thought I had to. I did what felt right and it worked.

So, I’ve settled down now with my publisher and we are taking the big step together.  I will be blogging a lot more with EARTH’S MAGICK updates and the cover reveal when that happens.  I will also be interviewing/hosting other authors here as well.  Authors I know and authors published with Solstice. Sharing some love, you know?  Until then, find me on Twitter and tweet me some random nonsense because I like that. (@melmmassey)  On the other hand, you can find me on FB and leave me a message longer than 140 characters. (  

Look for more on Book 2 musings as I write it and updates on Book 1 pre-production.  In addition…A short story of mine will be included in an anthology for New Adult stories.  It’s an exciting time to be in on the New Adult genre and we are coming together to celebrate the 20-somethings everywhere!  

BB My Lovelies. )O(