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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Welcome :-)

Well, welcome to those of you who ventured here.  This blog is both for fun and a writing tool.  As I started writing the first book in the Earth's Magick series I realized that I had too many random ideas that cluttered my mind. 

Sometimes a plot line would go awry and I would end up in left field thinking, How did I end up here? Then at other times I would have an emotional reaction (or break down) while writing and I would end up with serious writer's block.

What to do?

I decided to sift through all those ideas/thoughts/emotions and categorize them.  What I can use in the book I will.  What I can't use, or shouldn't use, will end up here.  I can't repress ideas when they take hold in my mind.  There is a reason for them to have taken hold in the first place, right? Right.

So here I am.  My writing is going well and the book is on track.  I wish I had even more time to write throughout the day but, sadly, the pesky real world gets in my way.  The dishes and the laundry don't wash themselves and I haven't perfected the art of making food appear out of thin air. Yet.

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