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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why our past really does matter...

In an effort to continue the world of blogging I am faced now with the above thought.  The past really does matter.  Too many times I have heard the glass-is-half-full people say that the past doesn't matter. 

But it does!

That's not to say you should hang onto poisonous feelings from the past but you should carry the past with you always.  Why?  The past teaches you about people, about yourself and about what you truly want.

Important lessons were taught to me from my past.  Mistakes I made taught me to be strong.  They taught me what I don't want.  Mean and hurtful people from my past taught me about life and how unfair it can be.  Their words and actions fitted me with armor for the future.

In the first book of the Earth's Magick series, Mela learns a lot of history. Events that happened before a time we can remember rippled through history until the wave of reality hit her square in the face.  Everything that happens, be it good or bad, can be a tool if we shape it the right way.  We can pick it up and throw it far away from us wanting nothing more from it.  Or, we can take out our blades and sharpen it to a point.  Keeping it as our weapon for the future.

Accept what is in the moment.  You are given a choice in all things and the events of the past are not immune to that.  You can choose to learn the lesson you were meant to learn and be better prepared for what is to come.  Or not. However, staying up all night worrying and draining your energy is fruitless I have learned.

Like Mela does, gather the story, ask questions and learn to realize when you need to fight or when you simply need to rest. Either way you will continue on into battle eventually - you might as well have a good armor and lots of sleep when you do.

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